Chapter 8 – Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink

Chapter 8 – Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink



It has been a while since I have reported on our little cat’s adventures due to a temporary lack of routine caused by much needed refurbishment of the house amongst other things. It is worth noting that Jemima has been incredibly relaxed about the redecoration process. She has moved around the house and changed her daytime ‘bedroom’ with her usual easy going nature and good grace. Our decorator and friend Dympna has her own cat and she and Jemima have got on incredibly well. We have also done our best to accomodate Jemima’s needs by doing any work in the kitchen early in the day and leaving the back door open to minimise discomfort from paint fumes when she is sleeping in there at night and this has worked well too. Jemima has also taken advantage of the decorating routine during our recent brief spell of much welcome hot weather.  We have been decorating the spare bedroom and Dympna left some dust sheets covering the sofabed in order to protect the sofa and the bits and pieces we had placed there to allow room for the work to be carried out.  Jemima very quickly realised that these dustsheets were a great cool place to sleep under during the hottest part of the day.  I discovered this accidentally one afternoon when we were looking for her. Clare and I were sure that she wasn’t out because she had disappeared for much longer than usual but was nowhere to be seen in the house. Eventually, I entered the spare bedroom and leaned over the back of the sofabed in order to check behind it, resting my hand on the back as I did so.  I was greeted instantly with a yowl from Jemima as if to say:

“Oy, geroff me. I’m trying to sleep!”


I mumbled my apologies and left the room so she could sleep in peace.


During the past few weeks she has become more confident and playful around water. I may have posted previously how we had concerns over her drinking habits when she first arrived and whether she was drinking enough. We bought a drinking fountain which has proved to be a great success because she is able to drink water that is moving.  At that time we attempted to persuade her to drink from the running tap in the kitchen sink to which she took great displeasure, leaping off the worktop and miaowing loudly as she did so. In recent weeks however, she has become more and more curious about running water around the house, possibly because she likes the fountain. She has been caught drinking water from the bath after Clare has had a shower and frequently sits on the side of the bath while we wash our hands in the washbasin. She even plays with the water as it comes out of the tap. She has even become nosey about the water disappearing down the pan when I flush the toilet and sniffs and pokes the back of the toilet as she hears it draining way.  And, as if to show just how clever she is Jemima has learnt my toilet routine. A few days ago she jumped onto the side of the bath and gazed at the sink before I had flushed the toilet. This hopefully, says as much for my hygienic routine of always washing my hands as it does for her intelligence!

All in all Jemima’s wonderful character continues to emerge and as her personality develops we are grateful for every day that she lives with us.


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